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Sacred Space – A Place of Peace for all

As part of our commitment to recognizing and supporting all employees, The IT Branch at the City of Edmonton has partnered with the City Chaplain John Dowds and Office of Diversity and Inclusion to establish the first “Sacred Space” within the City of Edmonton. 

You might call a Sacred Space a Chapel, Prayer Room, Interfaith Centre, or even a meditation room.  We chose the term “Sacred Space” because it is open to anyone and everyone. The intention is to create a place where all feel welcome – people of particular faith traditions or those with no faith connection; individuals who want to come and pray and those who just want to ‘be’ for a little while.

The initiative for this Sacred Space reflects the City’s commitment to celebrate the diversity of its employees. The IT Branch is in full support of the mandate of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to create a culture within the City that values, respects and includes the experience of all staff regardless of their level in the City, their cultural heritage, their physical appearance or gender. The Sacred Space, will be one way that we meet the diverse needs of our employees.

The Sacred Space will be launched on June 7th, 2011.

If you are interested in knowing more about our Sacred Space, drop me a note.