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Imagine What Could Change Next #cyberasummit

My predictions of the Future 

1) Google Enterprise becomes THE Platform for more than 50% of Local Government in Canada by 2015 – driven by cost – less Money brings innovation / Google move will avoid $36 million over 10 years

2) Google and Apple replace SAP and Oracle as Enterprise Systems in North America by 2020 or sooner

3) Apple becomes an Open Platform by 2015

4) Between 2015 and 2020 Clarity begins to emerge globally regarding Data Sovereignty and inter-jurisdictional data transfers ( free flow of data globally- The Nexus Card for Data )

5) Canada emerges as a Trusted Global Hosting Country becoming a node on the International Cloud by 2020

6) Gamification and 3D Immersive ( including the 3DWeb ) emerge as the NEXT Disruptive Technologies with commercialization and Globalization between 2015 to 2020 

7) By 2015 the Boomer Generation has figured out that they need to show up as transformational leaders, providing Freedom and Fulfilment for teams, embracing the Possible and that Command and Control culture is over, except where it may be required such as military or paramilitary organizations.

8) By 2020 the majority of Canadian organizations have 50% or more Post Boomers ( gen X/Y/Millennials) at the Executive Table so that REAL transformation can HAPPEN.