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Are jeans finding their way back to business wear

I have noticed a very interesting and curious trend in business around Edmonton. Jeans are making a come back !

When I say that I don’t mean just for Rodeo days and not just on Fridays, Jeans are showing up during the week. As I travel the streets in the Edmonton downtown I see jeans, usually with a blazer or a suit jacket. These are nice jeans, designer jeans, jeans with style and jeans with attitude.

I have been in the corporate world for 28 years and during that time I have seen many trends come and go. Many people would say, dress for success, dress for the culture. I wonder is the culture shifting, is business culture changing ?

So what if it is, do you care, will you engage, will you maintain status quo, does any of this matter at all.

Fashion is a very individual thing yet at the same time it is individual it is also guided and influenced by the crowd. Do you find the people around you adding jeans to their corporate wardrobe during the week ?

There is no right or wrong with this, there just is what people choose to do. So take a look around, is the culture of corporate dress changing, is this only happening in Edmonton or is it showing up elsewhere in the world ?

When culture shifts – Who notices ?